As a child, I always enjoyed taking pictures of my family, friends and at special occassions.  I love to capture the moment and share. Over the years, I enjoyed volunteering at charity events, film festivals, gala events and red carpets. I would always have my camera with me.  After all those events, I had the pleasure of meeting talented people in the entertainment field.  That is when I decided, I wanted to attend as a photographer instead. At one time I had the talent to join an online magazine as a contributor photographer. I would attend events, write a short article and take pictures.  Besides contributing to the online magazine, I would go on my own to capture those memorable moments under my brand.  My goal is to please my clients and make new clients. The most important thing is I enjoy attending events and meeting people.

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Tel: 626-260-6488

Facebook: Stella Gomez (Disco Stella)

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