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Fashion Designer, Leontine Abdullah's Birthday celebration at The Study.

A day to celebrate Fashion Designer, Leontine Abdullah's birthday at The Study located at 6356 Hollywood Blvd., in the City of Los Angeles, California. I attended to take pictures on the red carpet and inside the venue. Many came out to celebrate Leontine's birthday. The event started at 7:30 p.m., but I was there early to check out the venue. I had the honor to meet R&B Legend, Charles Wright. He walked the red carpet and displayed his new book called "Up from where we come". One book I have on my list to read. Waiting for the birthday woman to appear, I took pictures of many talented celebrities that came in the door. The handsome Kenny Higgins (Former NFL Player) walked the red carpet. Later on at the party, I had the opportunity to talk with him to see what he is up to now. He mentioned that he has his apparel line called "Crooked Beaches". A line of apparel is ready to be bought. You can find his line of clothing at I also had the honor to bump into two actors that I have met at previous events. Actor Melvin Jackson, Jr. and Joshua Triplett. Melvin will be coming out in a series called "The New Edition Movie". Joshua also told me that he will be coming in a movie called "Major Deal Movie" finding more details at I love to support the talent. The birthday woman came walking in the door and headed straight for the red carpet, where photographers plus I were ready to take great shots. She then walked into the venue to greet many guests. Other guests who attended were, Olivia Grace (Actress), Jason Allen (Director/Writer), Chase (Music Artist), La'Fonz (Rapper), Lil Will (Music Artist), Jensen Atwood (Actor), Jahmar Hill (Actor), Blais (Music Artist) and many others. Lil Will and Blais performed a few songs before DJ Young continued to mix music for the guests to enjoy. The party lasted until midnight.

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