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A disco memory during a birthday celebration for Dee D. Jackson.

On August 7, 2016, Disco Diva, Dee D. Jackson celebrated her birthday with a few talented friends given by Arnold Garcia (Founder & Editor Chief of ShineOn Hollywood Magazine) at his home location in Los Angeles, California.

Dee D. Jackson is an English singer and musician. She is well-known for her music which her first single released “Man of a Man” came out in 1977. Another song released came out in 1978, “Automatic Lover’ reached #4 on the UK Single Charts. This song along with “S.O.S – Love to the rescue” was very popular in the disco clubs in the United States.

A very positive and uplifting party brought many to celebrate. Francesco Lupica (Composer / Musician – Cosmic Beam Experience), Priscilla Valldejuli (Multi-Talented Motivational Speaker & Music Promoter), Antonio Gellini (Founder and Chairman of World Film), Annamarie Lentini Polcaro (Music Artist) and others enjoyed delicious food and drinks.

Francesco Lupica played his instrument. Priscilla Valldejuli sang “Sabor a Mi” while two couples danced. Annamarie Lentini Polcaro performed one of her songs. Even the birthday girl got into the action and performed.

It was very memorable for the invited guest and Dee. Arnold play a few videos from Dee’s performance from the past, and brought a smile to her face.

A thank you for Arnold Garcia for offering his home to join Dee and friends to celebrate a great birthday.

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