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Honorable Latinos awarded at the Latinos de Hoy Awards at the Dolby Theatre.

On October 9, 2016, the Los Angeles Times and Hoy 2016 Latinos De Hoy Awards were presented to honorable Latinos at the Dolby Theatre at 6801 Hollywood Blvd., in the City of Hollywood, California. The award celebration was hosted by Jaina Lee Ortiz (Actress-Star of Fox’s Rosewood).

The Latinos de Hoy Awards is a bilingual and bi-cultural event celebrating Latinos who have contributed in variety of different leaderships and services. Latinos de Hoy is an extension of The Times and Hoy’s mission to support and engage in the Latino community.

Many Latino actresses, actors and community professionals came together to celebrate the winners of this unique award. Of course there are many Latinos that contribute to the community and make a difference, however, a selected few were given the award this year.

Winners of the 2016 Latinos de Hoy Awards were:

  • Edward James Olmos (Legend Award)

  • Dan Guerrero (LGBT Award)

  • Cast of Disney’s “Elena of Avalor” – Programming Award

  • Craig Gerber (Creator/EP)

  • Silvia Cardenas Olivas (Writer)

  • Aimee Carrero (Voice of Princess Elena)

  • Constance Marie (Voice of Dona Paloma)

  • Yvette Nicole Brown (Voice of Luna)

  • Jenna Ortega (Voice of Princess Isabel)

  • Carlos Alazraqui (Voice of Skylar)

  • Justina Machado (Voiceof Carmen)

  • Enrique Olvera (Culinary Award)

  • Jose Moreno Hernandez (Inspirational Award)

  • Julissa Arce (Emerging Leader Award)

  • Luis Valdez (Master of the Arts Award)

  • Patty Arvielo (Business Award)

  • Patty Rodriguez (Cultural Influencer Award)

  • Thomas Saenz (Dolores Huerta Civic Leadership Award)

Throughout the show, Ozomatli (Grammy & Latin Award Winning band), Kap G (Hip Hop Artist), Alondra Yareli and Los Reyes Mariachi, Daniel Sobrino (Music Artist) and A.B. Quintanilla (Music Artist) entertained the guests between award presentations of each honorees.

A great event brought many to come and celebrate and congratulate the winners. Andy Vargas (Music Artist-Santana), Carmen Carrera (Actress), Allen Maldonado (Actor-Black-ish), Martin Castro (Actor-El Jeremias), Isabella Cascarano, Antonio Jaramillo (Actor- Shades of Blue), LiLiMar (Actress-Nickelodeon’s Bella & the Bulldogs), Chrissie Fit (Actress), Bianca Marroquin (Singer/Actress/Dancer), Kayla Maisonet (Actress), Luna Blaise (Actress- Fresh off the boat), Isaak Presley (Actor-Stuck in the middle), Jorge Quinn (Music Artist), Danube Hermosillo (Actress), Chuti Tiu (Actress-Nashville), Oscar Torre (Actor-Hangover III), Rick Najera (Actor-East Los High), Michelle Mueller (Actress-Halloweed), J.M. Longoria (Actor-Miracles from Heaven), Patrick Davis (Actor – Victor), Danielle Vega (Actress-East Los High), Vivian Lamolli (Actress- East Los High), Henry Vera (Bachata Artist), Amber Coney (Actress- Freedom’s Dead of Summer), Craig Gerber (Actor), Ozomatli (Grammy and Latin Award Winning Band), Del Records (Group), Ronni Hawk (Actress – Disney’s Stuck in the middle), Marco Antonio Regil (TV Host), Johnathan Fernandez (Actor-Lethal Weapon Fox TV Series), Otmara Marrero, Miguelito (Music Artist), Kap G (Hip Hop Artist), Daniel Sobrino (Music Artist-Amor), Sol Rodriguez (Actress – Devious Maids), Carlos Arrechea (Actor – Nickelodeon’s Latin America), Michelle Ortiz (Actress- MadTV), Montse Hernandez (Actress), and Alejandra Espinoza (Mexican Model).

After the award show, there was an after party for the guests to enjoy. The event was a great way to bring Latinos together to celebrate their culture and honor those who have worked hard in the industry and community.

About Los Angeles Times and Hoy Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Times is the largest daily newspaper in the country that has been covering California and the world for more than 134 years. Hoy Los Angeles is a home-delivered Spanish language newspaper in the United States. Both Los Angeles Times and Hoy Los Angeles reached 37% of English-dominant Hispanic adults in the Los Angeles area.

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