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Fun and laughs at the “Las Garnachas” TV series first episode.

On January 12, 2017, the Magic Image Production presented a special screening of “Las Garnachas” at the Los Angeles Film School located at 6363 W. Sunset Blvd., in the City of Hollywood, California.

Special guests and casts of the Las Garnachas screening invited fans to join them to view the first episode of the show. A Q&A followed after the production. The funny episode featured Dyana Ortelli (Gloria Garnacha), Kenzie Victoria (Gaby Garnacha), Diana Hernandez (Gina Garnacha), Neftali Jimenez (Beto Garnacha), Michelle Ramos (Guile Garnacha), David Solesbee (Barry Garnacha), Ty Coyle (Bill), Suzanne Sumner Ferry (Suze), Alexandra Kovacs (Lana), Robert M. Rey (Dr. Robert Rey), Donna Spangler (Brooke Burns), Vivian Rubio (Giovanna), Joss Gomez and Solecito Vazquez (The Mexican Music Queen).

The viewing made the people laugh which presented beautiful women with different personalities, a tough mom that puts you in your place, a feminine father that loves himself, a housekeeper that seems to be not into her job, and a son that loves to bug his sisters.

The production is produced by Kevin Boot (Associate Producer), Suzanne Sumner Ferry (Co-Producer), Joss Gomez (Executive Producer), Solecito Vazquez (Co-Producer), and Vartan Vartamyan (Co-Producer).

This show is a new comedian TV series for people to love.

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