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NAMM Show 2017 comes to Anaheim Convention Center with thousands in attendance.

A four day NAMM Show 2017 comes to Anaheim Convention Center once again. The event kicked off on January 19th and continued on January 22nd. On January 21, 2017, I had the pleasure to attend and view many musical products in the industry today. Thousands of people attended. I walked the floors of the convention center to see as many booths I can.

I had the opportunity to come across music artist that were signing autographs for fans that stood in a long line to meet and greet. I got a glimpse of Gilby Clarke (American Musician, Singer, Songwriter best known 3-year rhythm guitarist of The of Guns N’ Roses.)

When I first walked in the NAMM Show, I heard Singer/ Songwriter, Callie Young perform.

Walking around and viewing all different type of instruments or devices for music, I came to a booth where Jesse Keeler (Canadian musician known for bassist of Canadian dance-punk duo Death from Above 1979) was signing autographs for fans.

Coming to the area where the drums were displayed, many slammed on the drums making that section very noisy, but amazing. I also, heard Chris Price (Music Artist) sing and play a guitar.

Every possible instrument that you can imagine seemed to be displayed for guests to try and ask questions about the product. The NAMM Show is a great event to attend especially if you are a musician, singer or even if you want to start playing an instrument. People came to see what the latest new technology of music devices have to offer. A light up drum set. Maybe, a new disc jockey system. How about a nice quiet instrument such as a flute. A great selection of bongos for that Latina jazz sound. How about a piano that captures a nice key tone. Whatever instrument you are interested in, the NAMM Show has a great line for people to experience.

This day offered a breakfast session, Jazz ensembles, music education and innovation. Keynote speakers Bob Moog, and Peter Asher were among those who spoke at the centers ranging from Top Instagram and Facebook Promotions, or even retail store design. Even talks about The Art and Science of Live Mixing, The future of Game Audio for Virtual Reality, or Insights into an Innovator were a few subjects that caught the attention of interested comers.

There was so much to see, but I had a great time seeing people enjoy the NAMM Show.

A special thank you to Arnold Garcia, President of ShineOn Hollywood Magazine for getting me access to attend this fabulous event.

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