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UPGRADE movie premiere featured at the Egyptian Theater.

Director, Leigh Whannell and cast had a fun filled night at the Egyptian Theater for the movie premiere UPGRADE on May 30, 2018 located in Hollywood, California. A thriller movie that has a run time 1 hour and 35 minutes of suspense.

UPGRADE thriller movie is about a brutal mugging leaves a man paralyzed and his wife dead. A billionaire inventor offers Mr. Grey Trace a cure which consists of artificial intelligence implant called STEM that would enhance his body. This procedure worked and Mr. Trace then uses his revenge against the thugs that destroyed his life.

Logan Marshall-Green plays Mr. Grey Trace. Melanie Vallejo plays Mrs. Asha Trace. Harrison Gilbertson (Plays Eron), Richard Cawthorne (Plays Serk), Clayton Jacobson (Plays Manny), Sachin Joab (Plays Dr. Bhatia), Richard Anastasios (Plays Wan), Linda Cooper (Plays Pamela), Michael M. Foster (Plays Jeffries), Betty Gabriel (Plays Cortez), Renah Gallagher (Plays Tiana), Benedict Hardie (Plays Fisk), Christopher Kirby (Plays Tolan) and Simon Maiden (Plays Stem).

The film will air in theaters starting June 1, 2018.

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