RaiseAChild 6th Annual Honor Gala in celebration of adopted children and supportive parents.

RaiseAChild Honor Gala united celebrities, sponsors and supporters for joining them for the 6th Annual Honor Gala located at the Jim Henson Company Lot in Los Angeles, California on June 23, 2018.

One of the biggest summer parties of the year. The invited guests enjoyed delicious food, wine and cold beverages. Travel auction was set up for those to bid on. Celebrity guest appearance made the event exciting as well as foster and adoptive parent celebration. A fun photo booth by Photo Boothie was set up for invited guests to wear crazy glasses and hats. A copy of a picture was given to them to take home. Even Actor Jon Cryer and Lisa Joyner (News Reporter) took their photos. A band played while people ate and bid on auction items.

To give you a little background on “RaiseAChild.” RaiseAChild’s vision is the nationwide leader in recruitment and support of LGBTQ and all parents interested in building families through fostering and adopting to meet the needs of thousands of children in the foster care system. The supported group helps recruits, educates, nurtures and supports foster children to be safe and put in permanent homes.

RaiseAChild works with partner agencies to design, produce and manage advertising and outreach campaigns through many outlets. The goal of the group is to mentor and assist those willing to adopt. They also support the children through the journey.

Special honorees were Omar Rodriguez, Lisa Joyner (News Reporter) and Jon Cryer (Actor). Co-hosts Alex Mapa arrived with his husband.

Family nominees were selected to be honored. Jamie & Jennifer Ranick, Irene Martinez & Rocio Llamas, Dana Harrel & Daniel Roemer, Igor & Stefano Da Sacco, Kevin Davis & Andre Prats, Adam & Oscar Kaiz-Vera and Michael Warga & Thomas Schultheis.

Other guests who came out were Kym Whitley (Actress / Comedian), Devin Alexander (American Author), Kamil Mcfadden (Actor), Al Coronel (Actor), Christiana Leucas (Actress), Iris Almario (Actress), Stephanie Arcilia (Actress), Alexis Nolan (Actress), Charley Koontz (Actor), Ryan Carnes (Actor), Marco Dapper (Actor), Monte Bezell (Actor), Mitch O’Farrell (13th District Councilman), Pol’Atteu and Patrick Simpson (TV Personalities) and many others. Over 700 guests attended.

If you are interested in finding more details about RaiseAChild or would like to donate you can find more information at www.raiseachild.org.