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Selfie time at the Cheat Day Land Pop-Up Museum.

A fun day for guests and creators of Cheat Day Land Pop-up Museum took placed in Los Angeles, California for a sneak preview for invited guests on September 28, 2018. Founder and Creative Director, Rubi Rymenmy was inspired to have a fun collections of art for the public to enjoy.

She was inspired by Japan’s interactive museums to mix some of her favorite items “Cheat Foods”.

Along with Rubi, several artists participated in displaying their pop-up art. Kenny Bryan Pasten, Maria Dominquez, Maria Schneider, Nicky Chiarello, Paula Blanco, Alejandra Franco, Cesar Levy, Paula Castleberry, Elise Conte, Dimitra Givas, Manuel Mendoza, Enrique Reyes and Nick Reyes made the event possible for fans to enjoy.

Eve American Bistro, Trust Me Vodka, Boxed Water were a few sponsors that came out to support. Invited guests received a thank you gift for coming.

With many art props to enjoy, everyone who attended got to take their selfies with colorful art displays, donuts, weights, emoji, a big cereal bowl, donut swings, cupcakes, ice creams balloons and many more.

The opening was for invited guests to take a sneak peek before the museum opens to the public October 1st to October 31st. There are 17 interactive rooms to enjoy. Mario Van Peebles (Film Director), Breana Raquel (Actress - Seal Team), Adrian Dev (Actor), Katrina Begin (Actress), Michael Masini (Actor), Tamara Duarte (Actress) were only a few celebrities that stopped by to view the colorful art.

At the end of the exhibit, the people got to enjoy music by DJ AWSUMO and his guest. Hors d’oeuvre were served and delicious drinks by Trust Me Vodka and Eve American Bistro were handed to the art lovers. A back room set the scene for a wonderful happy ending to sit back and relax.

For more information to attend the museum for public access, go to the Cheat Day Land website for details. It is a fun experience to go with friends and family.

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