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TBS’ The Guest Book Season 2 Los Angeles Premiere.

Red carpet arrivals and season 2 premiere screening for The Guest Book arrives celebrity guests at the EP&LP located in West Hollywood, California on October 19, 2018.

The Guest Book celebrity stars Carly Jibson, Dan Beirne, Eddie Steeples, Kimiko Glenn, Kether Donohue, Matthew Moy, Greg Garcia and Alix Jaffe (Executive Producer), Nadine Velazquez, Michael Rapaport and Tipper Newton walked the red carpet.

After the red carpet ended, The Guest Book cast enjoyed a front room seating on comfortable black bean bags chairs laid with a towel and flavored popcorn for keeps. Towards the back was a popcorn machine making fresh popcorn for the attendees. A fun photo booth was ready for those selfies. A bar with delicious drinks were favorable and luscious bites passed around. The setting was very laid back on the roof top of EP & LP restaurant. It was a comfortable atmosphere for cast and guests to relax and mingle. The skies of Los Angeles were clear and cool weather made it more enjoyable.

A new season consist of a small oceanside community of Mabel Beach, vacationers who stay, records their confessions, alibis and farewells in the cottages guest book. Town locals Bodhi, Nikki and Tommy hosts the vacationers. Tommy and Nikki a couple manages Emmy Lou’s Grill and Bare Feet Retreat. Bodhi is an Handyman who often helps.

The series is written by Greg Garcia whom directed six of the ten episodes and serves as an Executive Producer with Alix Jaffe.

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