REACH movie premiere featured in Los Angeles.

On October 19, 2018, Voltaire Media releases movie “Reach” at the movie premiere featured at the Arena Cinelounge in Los Angeles, California at 6464 Sunset Blvd. The movie is also released in Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Long Island – Holtsville, NY, Minneapolis, New York City, Raleigh – Durham and San Francisco.

The movie is about Steven Turano (played by Garrett Clayton) a band geek plans to kill himself, but doesn’t succeed. He wants to escape his suffering. He befriends Nick Perkins (played by Jordan Doww) who his Steven’s former childhood friend and a high school bully. Steven’s plans to commit suicide gets side-tracked and he begins to Reach out to bound his relationship with his father, friends and teacher.

Being October and National Bullying Prevention Month, the movie opens your eyes letting you know there is a way out of being bullied and gives comfort that there are other means to get help than trying to commit suicide. Open up to others to build a friendship no matter if it is a friend or family. In school, many children are being bullied and sometimes don’t know where to turn. They get depressed and start thinking of ending their life. As parents, we should talk to our kids to let them know that if they are feeling down, speak up and let someone know. A lot of the times, parents don’t know what is going on until it is too late.

According to Christian Meoli at Voltaire Media, “REACH covers bullying from the bully’s perspective, the bullied person’s angle, and the point of view of those who witness bullying.”

The film features a great cast, Garrett Clayton, Jordan Doww, Joey Bragg, Johnny James Fiore, Bojesse Christopher, Kevin Sizemore, Concetta Tomei, Corbin Bernsen, Steven Thomas Capp, Raffaela Cape, Grant Harling, Rio Mangini, Natasha Capp, Brent Tarnol, Michelle Danner, Chelsea Cook, Tiffany Phillips, Jully Lee and Wren Barnes.

Maria Capp, P.G.A., Charles Box, P.G.A., Cappricielli Productions, Inc., Autumn Bailey, Grant Harling and Jeffrey Alan Jones produced the film.

15 year old, Rio Mangini composed the music in collaboration with award winning sound designer and film composer Jeffery Alan Jones. Additional music included by Mark Mangini and Marty Attridge set a great tone for the movie.

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