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Animated Series, LaGolda’s Screening attended by Roselyn Sanchez, Judy Reyes and other Latinos.

On October 12, 2019 LaGolda Season 2 Premiere casts hit the red carpet at the animated season featuring Roselyn Sanchez and others at the Harmony Gold Theatre located in Hollywood, California.

LaGolda is a new pro-social animated Series. “LaGolda” is an eight-year-old Latina who has been shuffled around from orphanage to orphanage in the native place in Colombia. She managers to see life and grow within her surroundings. She loves soccer, or futbol. LaGolda manages to recruit a team made of international orphans who then pledges to travel the world and play matches to build a better world for kids.

The animated series promotes youth sportsmanship and community service.

Animated character casts are LaGolda, Liam, Malcom, Sonya, Santana and the dog Choomi.

LaGolda is the captain of the team. She is a natural born leader in everything she does.

Liam is the Midfielder #5. A 7-year-old British descent. He is the youngest and the quiet one on the team. He is busy, because he plays both offensively and defensively.

Malcom is an 8-year-old from China. He is very intelligent and plays well with ease. He is the defender that stop plays from the other team scoring.

Sonya is thee Goalkeeper. An 8-year-old girl from Russia. She loves fashion and rap music. A goalkeeper prevents the ball from entering the goal.

Santana is an 8-year-old with curly hair who plays the Striker. He has a heavy New York accent. The Striker is the closest player to the other team’s goal and scores goals.

Choomi is the dog. He is the team cheerleader and friend of the soccer team.

The sunny day brought many to the screening. Justina Machado (Actress), Ana Ortiz (Actress – Ralph Breaks the Internet), Judy Reyes (Actress-TNT’s Claws), Parminder Nagra (Actress), Emanuel Gironi (Film Director), Cree Summer (Actress), Eric Winter (Actor), George Valencia (Director – Creator – LaGolda), Yancy Arias (Actor – Queen of the South), Jason Antoon (Actor – TNT’s Claws), James Martinez (Actor- Netflix’s House of Cards), Kristi Beckett (Actress – Nickelodeon’s “I Am Frankie) and others walked the red carpet.

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