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Billy Morrison’s Pop-Up Art Show.

Famous Guitarist and distinguished Painter, Billy Morrison displayed some of his Pop-Up Art showing his display in Los Angeles, California on November 8, 2019 with invited guests and welcomed celebrities.

Billy Idol (Singer), Dave Navarro (Guitarist), Eric Roberts (Actor), Gary Numan (Singer), Steve Vai (Guitarist) were a few celebrities that supported Mr. Morrison.

A few dozen of Billy’s pop-art were displayed around the salon for guests to gather and view.

Billy Morrison is a British Guitarist, Singer, Actor and Artist. He played guitar with Billy Idol and performed with the Los Angeles band Royal Machines. He also participated with Camp Freddy and fronted the hard rock act Circle Diablo. He also has been a member of The Cult, Stimulator, Doheny and Into a Circle.

In recent years, Mr. Morrison became interested of painting on canvas. His customer base appreciated the darker image on canvas. He also has been a long time collector of contemporary art and owning some pieces by Andy Warhol, Jaime Reid and Shepard Fairey

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