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A Glitch in the matrix virtual premiere.

Magnolia presents a Campfire Production in association with Highland Park Classics and Valparaiso Pictures virtual premiere for “A Glitch in the matrix” directed by Rodney Ascher on February 4, 2021. A selected documentary at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival.

A glimpse of what it would be like to be living in a simulation and the world as we know is not real? Is the question. By using a noted speech by Philip K. Dick which discussed science, philosophy and also conspiracy theory. The film views interviews with real people displayed as digital avatars in the film to discuss simulation theory which they believe is not science fiction, but fact. This contemplates “A Glitch in the matrix” and interests in finding out what is real.

“A glitch in the matrix” showcases a speech from Philip K. Dick that was delivered at a convention in France in 1977, which he shares his personal philosophical ideas.

The Philosophy of Philip K. Dick, who was the first to talk about it. He has left a big impact on the zeitgeist and his take on simulation theory itself.

Interviews online with eyewitnesses who believe that the world is a digital simulation and they discuss the ideal and different perspectives. One eyewitness, Paul Gude had experienced simulation theory before he named it simulation theory. He shares his journey and details on his personal reflection.

Artist and Teacher, Jesse Orion founded simulation theory to be a rational theory that worked for him. He had considered philosophical and ethical a new religion.

Joshua Cooke in Virginia illustrated some of dangers of disconnecting from the real world and well as loneliness.

Director, Rodney Ascher “The film is more about people who believe in simulation theory and how it has affected them than the nuts and bolts of simulation theory itself.”

After the virtual premiere, Rodney Ascher discussed how he selected the people in the film. He mentioned that they had reached out to him. Some of the people being interviewed wanted to keep anonymous, so they made them look like avatar characters. There were so many people that reached out to him, however, he selected the people that experienced and was powerful and direct regarding their stories. All interviews were completed by Zoom or Skype.

The film will be available in theaters and On Demand February 5, 2021.


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