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Cover Me the Path to Purpose Premiere

On September 17, 2022, The Cover Me the Path to Purpose short film documentary premiered at the Cine Lounge in Los Angeles, California.

Invited guests enjoyed a red-carpet entrance, watched a short documentary, afterwards enjoyed cocktails, and chatted with casts and veterans.

The short film was directed by Dale Fabigar. Suzanne DeLaurentiis and Allison Perry (Founder of Central Oregon’s Veteran Ranch – COVR) also were involved in Producing the short film.

The documentary followed the journey of some veterans as they shared their experiences of healing and growth at the Central Oregon Veterans Ranch. The ranch’s staff efforts are to help veterans find a sense of purpose and belonging by interacting with other veterans.

About COVR

COVR has operated a 19-acre working farm that engages veterans of different ages and eras to provide peer support by engaging in agricultural-related activities. They assist veterans find a sense of belonging and purpose through meaningful interactions, team projects, education, and caring for animals. It has provided an atmosphere for veterans to meet and connect with other veterans.


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