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LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACCIÒN – The art of Latino Entertainment

American Masters Pictures along with Director/Producer Ben DeJesus represents the Lights, Camera, Acciòn documentary in Los Angeles, California on October 4, 2021.

Director Ben DeJesus and many Latino artists came out to represent the documentary that will broadcast October 5, 2021, on PBS.

The documentary features the perspectives of Latino Actors, Writers, Producers and Directors representing in Hollywood. Edward James Olmos, John Leguizamo, Xolo Mariduena and Marvin Lemus were just a few featured in the film and spoke about the Latino entertainment culture in the documentary.

John Leguizamo also is associated with this project as one of the Executive Producers.

Many came out to support the event. The guests had a great time walking the red carpet, enjoying a delicious meal, and listening to great music.

Paul Rodriguez (Comedian), Alejandro De Hoyos (Actor), Blanca Araceli (Actress), Andres Mejia Vallejo (Actor), Angel Garet (Actor), Roberto Sanchez (Actor/Stunts), Enrique Sapene (Host), Robert Avellanet (Actor/Recording Artist), Flaco Navaja (Actor), Gabriella Martinez (Actress), Leslie Lluvet (Actress), Lidia Porto (Actress), Brenda Banda (Actress), Chelsea Rendon (Actress), Marabina Jaimes (Actress), Al Coronel (Actor), Iris Almario (Actress), Patrick Perez Vidauri (Film Director), Pili Montilla (TV Host), Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer (Actress) and Daniel Mora (Actor) were among those who attended.

About Ben DeJesus

Ben DeJesus is a Director, Producer and Writer that has over 15 years experiences in the market. He is an award-winning, Emmy and Tony nominated Director/Producer/Writer of NGL Studios with Actor, John Leguizamo.


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