Promising Young Woman, a glimpse of revenge.

Focus Features presents “Promising Young Woman” film directed by Emerald Fennell. Played by Carey Mulligan. The film is nominated for 4 Golden Globe Awards. Categories Best Picture of the Year, Best Actress, Carey Mulligan, Best Director, Emerald Fennell and Best Screenplay. Film is 1 hour 53 minutes of crime, drama and suspense. A film you can watch on Prime Video.

30 year old woman who works at a coffee shop wants to seek revenge for her best friend that was a victim of rape years ago. Nina Fisher was raped by classmate Al Monroe. The school failed to bring justice. Nina and Cassie (Played by Carey Mulligan) attended medical school together. Nina eventually committed suicide, and Cassie dropped out of medical school.

Years later, Cassie goes to clubs and pretends she is drunk to get men to take her home. She waits for them to try to take advantage of her, then she reveals she is not drunk. She later receives a visit at the coffee shop from a former classmate Ryan Cooper. A conversation leads to a friend getting married. Al Monroe, the classmate that raped Nina.

Cassie begins to approach those who were involved with the incident or did nothing. She comforts the Lawyer who defended Al and also the medical school dean that dismissed Nina’s case due to lack of evidence. The plan for revenge is just the beginning. Even if it involves someone you love.

A casts that was prefect for the parts. Carey Mulligan (Cassandra Thomas), Christopher Lowell (Al Monroe), Bo Burnham (Ryan), Alison Brie (Madison), Laverne Cox (Gail), Adam Brody (Jerry), Jennifer Coolidge (Susan), Max Greenfield (Joe Mackle), Connie Britt (Dean Walker), Alfred Molina (Jordan Green), Molly Shannon (Mrs. Fisher), Clancy Brown (Stanley Thomas) and others.

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