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R&B Platinum Recording Group “Troop” reunites to kick off a BET Experience.

Back in 1980, a California based band known as “Troop” started their career that was known for several Billboard R&B music hits. “Troop” means “Total Respect of other people”. On June 23, 2017, Troop reunited to perform to kick off the BET experience at the Union Club located at 4067 West Pico Blvd., in the City of Los Angeles, California. This red carpet black & white theme party brought many to celebrate.

Childhood friends, Steve Russell, Allen McNeil, John “Jon Jon” Harreld, Rodney Benford and Reggie Warrant started Troop. The adventure landed them five number one singles. Ten top ten singles in the Billboard R&B charts, 3 included Certified Gold and one Certified Platinum. Well known songs such as “All I do is think of you”, “Sweet November” and “Spread my wings”, were some of the favorites fans enjoyed. Another song “Mamacita” reached number 2 on the Billboard R&B charts. Their past album “Attitude” was a great success which many songs hit #1 on the Billboard R&B charts and made that album hit Certified Platinum.

Over the years, the band decided to go different routes to pursue their careers, but never left the friendship that would have them here to reunite and perform for fans. Steve Russell composed, produced and performed music throughout his career. Allen McNeil has written, produced music and recording a solo album. John Harreld added “Songwriter” to his resume and also recorded a solo album. Rodney Benford and Reggie Warren continue to be part of the “Troop” sensation band.

Melvin Jackson Jr. (Actor- The New Edition Movie), Adina Howard (Recording Artist), Toy Conner (Recording Artist), Tyrone DuBose (R&B Historian), Misa Millennia (Recording Artist), Marcello Thedford (Actor), Trina McGee (Actress), Antonio Ramsey (Recording Artist) and others walked the red carpet. Before the mini concert, guests were dancing and mingling among each other.

TROOP R&B Group performing at the Union Club on June 23, 2017.

Antonio Ramsey kicked off the night singing a few songs. When Troop walked on staged they were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from Tyrone DuBose. The group entertained fans and family with two of their popular songs. They danced like the good old days and sang with passion. The guests were singing out loud and dancing. At the end of their performance, Troop thanked everyone.

About Troop

Troop is an R&B group that has had five number one singles and ten top ten singles on the Billboard R&B charts. They received a certified gold and one certified platinum album for their work. Troop means “Total Respect Of Other People”.

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