The Art of Social Media Gifting Lounge.

On September 15 2018, a star stun gifting lounge was set at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in the City of Beverly Hills, California.

A long list of celebrities dropped by to enjoy delicious foods and great gifts provided by Face a clothing apparel line that gave tee shirts and hats, Inflow Style – a clothing apparel, Papi S Co. a Barber brand with great hair gel and hair products, Strand MD – Advanced Hair Technology gave a treatment for hair growth, Food Art provided some organic delicious bites, Bogavia Beauty of the Adriatic gave a set of beauty products, EC Soap Co., provided a scented scrub, Lifestyle Accessories, Mood Swing Wines gave a bottle of red and white wines, The Privilege Hotel, Sansal Wellness, ah.dorned, Pocket Full of Dreams, Myo Evolution, Leangelique – hair tools, and Coordinates Collections were only a few listed.

D.J. Mister Anderson mixed while guests attended and walked around to get introduced to the products provided to them. An area of sweets was set up. Sushi bites were set out as well.

Melvin Jackson Jr. (Actor), Kelly Jenrette (Actress), Naomi Grossman (Actress), Miles Tagtmeyer (Actor) and David Lamattina (Actor) were a few that stopped by. Others who walked the red carpet were Chandler Kinny (Actress – Lethal Weapon), Johnathan Fernandez (Actor – Lethal Weapon), Michael Irby (Mayans MC), Victoria Summer (Actress), Patrika Darbo (2016 Emmy Award Winner), Charo (Music Artist), Ann Marie Johnson (Actress), Bas Rutten (MMA), Big Will Simmons (DWTS Jr.), Brent Harvey (HMMA EP), Camila Banus (Actress – Days of our Life), Porscha Coleman (TV Personality), Chloe Temtchine (Recording Artist), Sofia Gonzalez (Actress), Christina Moses (Actress- A Million Little Things), Dr. James Mercer (Dallas Housewives), Emma Bell (Actress – Walking Dead), Jason Canela (Actor- Young and the Restless), Jencarlos Canela (Latin Pop Artist), Katlynn Simone Smith (Actress – Empire), Kate Linder (Actress- Young & The Restless), Kearran Giovanni (Actress- Major Crimes), Lightshow (Rapper), Maria Conchita Alonzo (Actress), Michael Campion (Actor – Fuller House), Christine Devine (FOX News), Ptolemy Slocum (Actor – Westwood), Patrick Cage (Actor – Westwood) and Clayton Cardenas (Actor – Mayans MC).

By the end of the event, talents went home with a big Santa bag of goodies. What a way to start the a great 2018 celebration.