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A Private War Movie Premiere by Aviron Pictures.

Aviron Pictures presented “A Private War” featured film at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in the City of Beverly Hills, California on October 24, 2018.

The movie release date for New York and Los Angeles is November 02.

The epic film is based on a Journalist’s life of Marie Colvin.

Marie Colvin is one of the most popular war correspondents of our time. She travels to give a voice to the voiceless. While putting herself in danger. After being hit by a grenade in Sri Lanka, she wears a path. Colvin sacrificed many relationships over time. She then meets a Photographer name Paul Conroy and they both begin a dangerous assignment in a Syrian City of Homs.

Well- known Actress Rosamund Pike portrays Marie Colvin and Jamie Dornan portrays the Photographer, Paul Conroy. Tom Hollander also is in the film. The film is Directed by Matthew Heineman and written by Arash Amel.

A variety of celebrities came out to view the movie. Annie Lennox (Singer - Songwriter), Al Buckley (Actor), Richard Schiff (Actor), Molly Quinn (Actress), Alex Meneses (Actress), Chloe Catherine Kim (Actress), Johnny Whitworth (Actor), Lotte Verbeek (Actress), Charlotte Ross (Actress), Katherine McNamara (Actress) and others.

About Marie Colvin

She was an American Journalist who worked for the British Newspaper The Sunday Times from 1985 until her death. A Marie Colvin Center for International Reporting was established after her death by Stony Brook University. At the beginning Colvin briefly worked for a labor union in New York City, before starting her journalism career. In 1986, she was the first to interview Muammar Gaddafi a Libyan Leader. In May 1988, she appeared on Channel 4 regarding discussion on After Dark alongside others. She also went to the middle east to cover conflicts in Chechnya, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and East Timor. In East Timor, she was credited with saving the lives of 1,500 women and children from compound besieged in Indonesian-backed forces. She also won the International Women’s Award for Courage in Journalism for her coverage of Kosovo and Chechnya. In April 16, 2001, she lost her eye sight on her left eye due to a blast by a Sri Lankan Army rocket grenade.

The rest of her story, you need to watch the movie.

Jamie Dornan (A Brief Interview)

Rosamund Pike (A Brief Interview)

Jamie Dornan (A Brief Interview)

Annie Lennox (A Brief Interview)

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