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7 Days to Vegas Movie Premiere featured Vince Van Patten.

On September 21, 2019 at the Laemmle Music Hall located at 9036 Wilshire Blvd., in the City of Beverly Hills “7 Days to Vegas” (Gravitas Ventures) movie premiere featured.

The comedy movie is about Hollywood big shots beat a million dollars whether a man played by Vince Van Patten can walk to Las Vegas in a week.

The film was featured at the Palm Springs Film Festival on January 2019 and has been released for theaters September 20, 2019.

Can you imagine a long walk to Las Vegas and all the people you will meet along the path?

The funny comedy was well represented by a variety of talented well-known actors and actresses. Vince Van Patten (Duke), Eileen Davidson (KC), Jennifer Tilly (Jennifer), John O’Hurley (Walter), Willie Garson (Danny), Don Stark (Angry Jim), Chad Lowe (Sheriff), Lucas Bryant (Chucky), Paul Walter Hauser (Puppet Hank), Danny Pardo (Sandor), James Van Patten (Carl), Ross McCall (Sebastian), James Kyson (Wing), Joseph Siprut (Squeeze), Aron Eisenberg (Peanut), Renee Willett (Kelly Boots), Christina Vidal (Papiana) and others had the opportunity to show their talent and representing this fun adventure experience.

The screening started around 7:30 p.m., along with casts, Producers Adam Weinraub, Kara Weinraub, Kim Waltrip and guests, a few more celebrities came out to enjoy the film. Lisa Rinna (Beverly Hills Housewife), Laura Niemi (Actress – This is Us), James DuMont (Actor – The Righteous Gemstones), David Starsyk (Actor – Veronica Mars), Alexandra Vino (Actress- Mile 22), Rob Steinberg (Actor), Layla Louise (Actress), Danielle Vasinova (Actress), Denise Richards (Actress), Polly Draper (Actress), Nat Wolff (Actor), Nancy Valen (Actress), Gavin Rossdale (Singer) and Olivia Pillman (Model) were among those who got to enjoy an exciting film.

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